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Free Shoot Rules

  • We as a company make sure the best photography Companies/ Freelancers are assigned for your events

  • As a free shoot, we offer a photographer for precisely 2 hours only

  • The photographer will try to report 15 minutes before the scheduled time as per the form filled out by our clients

  • Reporting time will be calculated as per the first photo clicked or the selfie time clicked by the photographer.

  • Free shoot does not include covering the entire event. The free shoot is strictly for two hours only starting from the reporting time of the photographer.

  • The photographer will inform the client when the last 15 minutes are remaining. In case there is no authorised person from the client side to report to, the photographer will send an email to the company to notify the remaining time information.

  • The photographer will not stay for any extra time requested by clients until it is approved by Photography Dossiers in writing.

  • Portfolio shoots, wedding shoots or any other shoot which involves lighting setup on stands will not be provided.

  • The purpose of free shoots is purely to demonstrate the quality of work Photography Dossieres provide and clients could choose the best photographers for their future needs.

  • Photography Dossiers in free shoots does not guarantee to cover every attendee from the event however, the photographer is trained to cover as much as ground possible in the given situation and time.

  • All the shoots are strictly taken upon written and signed contracts only

  • If clients want the photographer to stay beyond the free shoot timing with written approval from the Photography Dossiers team, the charges will be ₹ 500 for every 30 minutes.

  • Photographs will be delivered through online mode only.

  • If there are any payments involved for the shoot, photographs will be delivered within 48 hours once the payment is cleared. Payment information will be sent in the email.

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