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Our company terms & conditions can change without any prior notice to any company or members




This document is an electronic record as per the amended Information Technology Act, 2000 and related regulations. It is generated electronically without requiring physical or digital signatures. It is published in compliance with Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011, which mandates the publication of Terms for accessing Photography Dossiers services via Photography Dossiers Portal. This document satisfies the conditions specified in Section 65B(2) of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. This serves as an agreement between Photography Dossiers and you, the user of the Service. By using the Service, you acknowledge and accept these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, incorporated herein by reference (available at Privacy Policy). If you disagree with any of these terms, you may not use the Service


Photography Dossiers Service


These Terms of Service apply to all users of the Service. Photography Dossiers disclaims responsibility for third-party website content and cannot edit it. Users acknowledge that Photography Dossiers is not liable for damages related to third-party site use. Third-party content reflects authors' views, not endorsed by Photography Dossiers.

Errors, Corrections, and Right to Modify or Discontinue Service and Sites

Photography Dossiers does not guarantee an error-free, virus-free site or the accuracy of information. The site's features and content may change, and Photography Dossiers can edit or delete content. The company may modify or discontinue services without liability to users or third parties.

Intellectual Property Rights

Photography Dossiers owns all Intellectual Property, including names, logos, trademarks, and software code in the App. When copying Materials from any Media, include relevant copyright and proprietary notices. By accepting these terms, users grant Photography Dossiers all rights, including intellectual property and moral rights, to the content posted on any of its platforms, allowing the company to use the information as needed.


Users accessing Photography Dossiers services through various mediums, such as the website, wapsite, SMS, phone, or any other, are bound by this disclaimer. They are advised to conduct proper inquiries before relying on or engaging in any transaction with the listed Service Provider. All information received from Service Providers is taken in good faith, and Photography Dossiers does not endorse or validate their claims. Photography Dossiers holds no responsibility for the actions of the listed Advertisers.

Limitation of Liability


1.    Errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies of content,
2.    Personal injury or property damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from your access to and use of our service,
3.    Any unauthorized access to or use of our secure servers and/or any personal information and/or financial information stored therein,
4.    Any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from our servers,
5.    Any bugs, viruses, trojan horses, or the like, which may be transmitted to or through our service by any third party,
6.    Any errors or omissions in any content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of your use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the Photography Dossiers client, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not the company is advised of the possibility of such damages, and/or
7.    The disclosure of information pursuant to these Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.




You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Photography Dossiers officers, directors, employees, and agents from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, or expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from:
i.    Your use of the Photography Dossiers Service, 
ii.    Your violation of these Terms of Service, 
iii.    Your violation of any third-party right, including copyrights or privacy, 
iv.    Any claim that your Ratings, Reviews, or Comments caused damage to a third party.
This obligation will survive these Terms of Service and your use of the Photography Dossiers Service.


Ability to Accept Terms of Service


Photography Dossiers Service is only for adults aged 18 or above. Individuals must be fully competent to enter and comply with these Terms of Use. By using the service, users confirm their eligibility and capacity to abide by the terms and conditions.


These Terms of Service, and any rights and licenses granted hereunder, may not be transferred or assigned by you but may be assigned by Photography Dossiers without restriction.



You agree that these Terms of Use may be assigned to a successor entity without prior notice due to a merger, acquisition, or business sale. Waiving a breach doesn't affect subsequent breaches, nor does delaying the exercise of rights. If any section is unenforceable, the remaining sections remain valid. The Terms of Use form the entire agreement between you and us, and section headings are for convenience only and do not limit the Terms of Use.




These Terms will be governed by Indian laws, and you agree to submit to personal jurisdiction in India. Courts in Gurugram will have exclusive jurisdiction. You must comply with applicable laws. If any provision of the Terms is found unenforceable, the rest will remain in effect. Photography Dossiers may investigate complaints or violations and take necessary actions, including reporting unlawful activity to authorities and disclosing relevant user information. The company may seek remedies for violations of these Terms.

Privacy Policy

A.    Introduction

1.    We value your privacy and prioritize secure transactions and information privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines how Photography Dossiers collects, uses, and shares your personal information through the Platform (1., mobile app, and m-site).
2.    This Privacy Policy is a legally binding electronic agreement under the Information Technology Act, 2000. No physical or digital signatures are required for its enforceability. The terms become effective upon using our Platform/services.
3.    By accessing our Platform, providing your information, or using our products/services, you agree to this Privacy Policy and the applicable Terms of Service, granting explicit consent to process your information accordingly. If you disagree, refrain from accessing our Platform or service.
4.    You acknowledge voluntary disclosure of Personal Information. Not providing requested information may result in incomplete registration or inability to use our services. Corporate customers' non-disclosure contracts remain unaffected by this Policy.

B. Application of Policy

1.    This policy governs all Photography Dossiers Services, including websites, mobile sites, applications, etc., provided by Photography Dossiers and its affiliates. Personal data is collected voluntarily, and data may be required for registration or certain services.
2.    The policy applies to all parties working for or accessing Photography Dossiers, including contractors, users, vendors, employees, and data relating to identifiable individuals. It covers names, addresses, contact details, and other user information collected during platform use.
3.    This Privacy Policy is part of Photography Dossiers' Terms of Service, covering user information obtained through platform access or service use. It does not apply to entities not owned or managed by Photography Dossiers.


C. Objectives of the policy

Photography Dossiers collects and uses information about individuals, including customers, suppliers/vendors, business contacts, and employees, in compliance with data protection laws. This policy ensures data is handled and stored according to data protection standards and legislative requirements. It protects the rights of employees, customers, suppliers/vendors, and business contacts, as well as safeguards against data breaches.


D. Collection of Information


1.    Photography Dossiers collects diverse information from individuals & third parties, including corporate, financial, legal, and personnel records, to improve services. Regardless of collection method, the same privacy protection applies to all data, including personal information.
2.    Personal Information is collected when interacting with our services, such as creating an account, seeking customer service, conducting transactions, or submitting testimonials and reviews.
3.    Registration for services on the Platform requires Personal Information, including name, address, email, and payment details. KYC documents like driving license, Aadhaar card, passport, and utility bills may be collected for verification. The data is used to customize content, fulfill service requests, and communicate via email, SMS, and other channels. Providing information is optional, but may impact service access.


E. Usage of Information


1.    Data collected is used for its intended purpose and includes providing services, personalized experience, responding to feedback, and improving services. Personal Information is collected offline or online, with the same privacy protection for all data.
2.    Personal Information will be kept confidential and used for internal business purposes only. No selling of Personal Information occurs. Customer information may be shared with subscribers/advertisers with consent.
3.    Personal Information assists vendors, partners, and business partners in order handling, enhancing customer experience, detecting fraud, and enforcing terms and conditions.
4.    With consent, access may be granted to SMS, contacts, location, and device information. Providing PAN, GST, and KYC details may enhance platform access and services.
5.    Demographic and profile data are analyzed to improve offerings and identify users. IP addresses are used for server diagnosis and gathering demographic info.
6.    Optional surveys may request personal information to tailor user experience and display preferred content.
7.    Partner companies perform various functions and have access to necessary personal information but must adhere to this Privacy Policy.
8.    Personally Identifiable Information submitted through Photography Dossiers platform is used to operate, maintain, and provide features. Mobile numbers and names may be displayed to other users as per the app's features.
9.    Mobile phone numbers and other Personally Identifiable Information are not used for marketing messages without consent, but cookies and log file information may be used for personalized content and monitoring.


F. Processing of Personal Information


1.    Personal/Sensitive personal data may be processed for government functions or services provided to data principals by the State, as authorized by law.
2.    Processing may occur if mandated by Parliament, State Legislature, or for compliance with court orders in India.
3.    Data may be processed in emergencies, medical situations, health services, or during disasters for safety and assistance.
4.    Processing is allowed for employment-related activities, services, benefits, attendance verification, and performance assessment.
5.    Personal data may be processed for reasonable purposes, considering PD's interests, consent, public interest, data principal rights, and expectations.
6.    Reasonable purposes include preventing fraud, mergers, security, credit scoring, debt recovery, and publicly available data processing, while protecting data principal rights.
7.    Sensitive personal data may be processed based on explicit consent, meeting specific criteria for validity.
8.    Processing of children's personal data is subject to age verification, parental guidance, control, and consent, ensuring the child's rights and interests are protected.

G. Disclosure of Information


1.    Your ratings may be visible to other users of Photography Dossiers Service based on tagging and friend ratings.
2.    Personally Identifiable Information is not sold or shared for commercial use, but may be shared with service providers to improve or maintain the service.
3.    Personal information may be disclosed to vendors, sellers, service providers, etc., to provide access to products/services, conduct market research, customer service, and prevent fraud.
4.    Information may be shared with affiliated companies and business partners to operate and improve services.
5.    In business development, information may be transferred to affiliates or third parties during mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales.
6.    Personal information may be disclosed in response to legal requirements or to protect user rights and safety.
7.    Disclosure may occur to comply with the law or protect rights, property, and safety.
8.    Data may be shared with government agencies as required by law for identity verification and prevention of offenses.


H. Transfer of information


1.    Sensitive personal data shall not be transferred to third parties, except for specific purposes like fulfilling requests, improving services, fraud prevention, and with data principal's consent.
2.    Data protection measures will be maintained by third parties similar to Photography Dossiers.
3.    Vendors collecting personal information for Photography Dossiers must comply with data protection requirements in this Policy.

I. Retention of Your Information

1.    Personal information will only be used with your consent for the purposes stated in the TOS. It will be retained as long as necessary for business purposes or as required by law. Anonymized data may be retained for analysis and research.
2.    When personal information is no longer needed for business purposes, it will be securely destroyed or de-identified to prevent unauthorized access. Users will be informed of changes in data retention periods.
3.    Sensitive personal data will not be retained longer than necessary. Photography Dossiers has a data retention policy for handling all data, including sensitive personal data, and will de-identify or destroy it according to the policy.
4.    Personal information will be erased if its storage violates data protection laws or is no longer needed. Legal and regulatory requirements may allow for the retention of personal information.

J. Your Consent (Opt-in & Opt-out)


1.    Your consent is implied when you visit or provide information on our Platform, allowing us to collect, use, store, and disclose your information as per this Privacy Policy. If you provide personal information about others, you must have the authority to do so. By providing your information, you agree to be contacted through various communication channels for the purposes specified.
2.    You can manage and edit your information through the Settings tools, and control your contacts and communication preferences.
3.    Vendors can add or update their information in the vendor's module, and adjust their communication preferences.
4.    You can update your Personal Information regularly, and we will retain your previous information.
5.    If you decline to submit Personally Identifiable Information, certain services may not be available to you. By continuing to use Photography Dossiers, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We verify your identity before granting access to the Photography Dossiers Service.
6.    Your preferences and consent will be documented and respected. Changes to preferences will be managed accordingly, and new purposes will be notified and consent obtained. Third-party data sources' policies and consent will be reviewed before accepting personal information from them.

K. Consent to Push Notification

1.    You agree and confirm that any review, rating and comments, including any other content or data therein, that you submit/post on Photography Dossiers platforms viz. WEB, WAP, APP & Phone etc. such details as per Photography Dossiers 's discretion will be shared with your Tagged Friends who are the users of Photography Dossiers 's services.


L. Third-party Advertisers, Links to Other Sites


1.    Photography Dossiers is currently ad-free and intends to remain so. If any changes are made, this section will be updated.
2.    When using Photography Dossiers services with our Partners, you will be redirected to their websites/applications, and your login credentials will be used with your consent. Photography Dossiers is not responsible for Partner's privacy practices or policies, so please review them before sharing information. For payments made through our Services, we may receive payment confirmations from third-party processors.

M. Children Information


1.    We do not knowingly solicit or collect personal information from children under the age of 13 and use of our Platform is available only to persons who can form a legally binding contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. If you are under the age of 18 years then you must use our Platform or services under the supervision of your parent, legal guardian or any responsible adult.

M. Call Recordings

1.    Photography Dossiers may record calls and meetings for training and quality assurance purposes. In case you do not want your calls or meetings recorded please inform while you are connecting with Photography Dossiers we will make sure your calls are not recorded.

2.   We do not provide any calls logs or recordings to anyone for any reasons as company policy.



Membership Criteria

a. Members must be professional photographers, videographers, editors or want to be one in future.

b. Members commit to adhering to the rules and regulations of Photography Dossiers.

c. Members must provide accurate and truthful information at all times.

d. False information provided may lead to legal consequences.

e. Anyone having any ongoing criminal investigation or case against members is not allowed to become a member.

Membership Benefits

a. Photography Dossiers provides professional guidance sessions for skill development.

b. Professional grooming of new members by senior members & professionals for all aspects of wedding shoots.

c. Professional Training sessions offered at a charge to enhance client handling and photography/videography skills, especially in relation to wedding shoots.

d. Access to the list of members who would always be there to guide you and recommend you for new projects depending on your professional relationship development with others.

e. Access to photography competitions held by Photography Dossiers at no cost.

f. Providing non-judicial documents to help members with written documentation for projects with an online hassle-free signature facility for their clients at concessional pricing as compared to the usual legal fee by the legal member of the court. These documents always maintain clarity and avoid confusion in client-freelancer relationships and are very important.

Membership Levels

a. All the new members claiming to have experience of less than a year will be allotted internship level until their tests are conducted and appropriate levels are assigned.

b. All the new members claiming to have professional experience between one – five years will be allotted Level 1 until their tests are conducted and appropriate levels are assigned.

c. All the new members claiming to have professional experience of more than five years will not be allotted any Level immediately. Within 30 days there will be a formal interview and a written test on a given date by Photography Dossiers. As per the results, the appropriate Level will be assigned to the member. Strict monitoring and feedback will be taken by the clients and hiring professionals to adjust the assigned levels if needed. Levels can be increased or decreased as per the feedback and results from the professional shoots.

d. Members will be assigned levels based on exams and jury decisions.

e. Membership levels will be mentioned in the member's ID.

f. In case of any challenge is raised in relation to levels, members will have to appear for written exams and two practical projects, which will be full wedding shoot coverage under the strict guidance of an instructor assigned by Photography Dossiers to assess the challenged level by the member and after the assessment levels will be freshly assigned which could be a level lower or higher than what was assigned to the member before the challenge.

Information Usage

a. Member information will be used to mainly build photography teams for projects.

b. Clients could require access to member-provided information for verification purposes.

c. Data collected is purely in relation to photo shoots, including the personal data provided by members.

d. Background checks may be conducted to satisfy clients, to ensure no member is put on the project which clients don’t want.

e. No guarantee of professional leads for generating income.


Pricing and Revenue Sharing

a. Higher levels result in higher pay from clients.

b. Each level has associated pricing, disclosed upon hiring.

c. Photography Dossiers receive a percentage of revenue for business/project referrals.

d. Advance payment for more than one day projects will be payment of single day as booking amount.

e. Booking amount will not be taken back in any situation if the cancelation is from client's end/or photography companies end, since this amount has been secured in advance for any last minute cancelations from clients end. If this happens then freelancer/members get paid for one day minimum.

f. In case cancelation is from freelances/ members side, you need to fill up the SHOOT ABSENCE FORM to submit your request as early as possible. The process of booking amount return will be notified in the email at that time. However, if there is any impact on the shoot team because of your absence and planning gets hampered or any legal situation arises due to your absence you will be directly liable for the damages raised by end client or the hiring photography company. In case of medical emergencies only, we will take any situation into consideration if valid medical doctors prescription or hospital admission papers are disclosed. In this case no legal actions will be taken against you and will be considered as an accident or unintentional situation.


Documentation and Contracts

a. Photography Dossiers maintain files on all enrolled members.

b. All dealings through Photography Dossiers are bound by non-legal contracts/undertakings.

c. Photography Dossiers will collect and keep copies of the Identification proofs provided by the members for any matters arising in the future legal or non-legal to help our clients and end users.


General Conditions

  1. If the test is being conducted on Birthday/ Corporate Event/ Anniversaries etc. the test will be for 2 hours only. For weddings the full day coverage including all the events is mandatory.

  2. You need to collect memory cards from the team leader/ Manager/ Shoot Owner before you start the shoot

  3. You should not use your own memory card at any cost because the data needs to be sent for analysis and your level review immediately after your shoot is complete

  4. You do not get paid for test shoots nor any travel or food reimbursements are provided. You will purely come on your own willingness and decision to show the professional approach and camera handling skills you have.

  5. As a test video editor you will be paid if your work is internally approved by the hiring company or by Photography Dossiers technical team after your feedback is submitted from all the required departments/ teams and your level is assigned. Your payment will be done as per your assigned level.

  6. Your actions will strictly be monitored by the seniors and reported accordingly.

  7. Your reporting/ delivery time will be monitored for your level grading system.


  1. All the images are to be clicked in RAW format only. JPG images will be rejected

  2. Maximum 50 images are to be submitted

  3. In case more than 50 images are submitted only first 50 images will be considered for the test and marking will be done according to the first 50 images only

  4. Black and white or any filter tone is not allowed. In case any image is found with filter category the image will be rejected

  5. Coverage of the event is not your responsibility. Hence, you will not be responsible for any shot being missed

  6. You need to maintain professional behavior at all time with your fellow members as well as with clients/ guests


  1. All the recorded video clips should not be in S-Log or any heavy format. Simple and default camera profile needs to be used to record the video at all times.

  2. There is no minimum or maximum bar on the recording so you can shoot as much as you can till the time you feel your best camera movement is displayed.

  3. Handheld camera movement is not allowed and if reported by the on ground team your session will be disqualified. Tripod or gimbal is compulsory at all times.

  4. Black and white or any filter tone is not allowed. In case any clip is found with filter category the clip will be rejected

  5. Coverage of the event is not your responsibility. Hence, you will not be responsible for any shot being missed

  6. You need to maintain professional behavior at all time with your fellow members as well as with clients/ guests

Video Editors

  1. As a test video editor in case your work is rejected you will not be paid any remuneration. However, your level might be assigned if Photography Dossiers technical team is able to assign any level as per your submission.

  2. As a test video editor if your work is rejected and no level gets assigned member will have to again appear for the test and Photography Dossiers will allocate a new test project if member applies again.

  3. Video editors need to follow the contract carefully to make sure delivery is done as per client requirement.

  4. If there are any samples provided by the hiring company/ end client, editors need to clarify carefully what exactly is the sample for: for ex: Song/ music, editing style, beat cuts, slow motion etc. and accordingly edit the video.

  5. After receiving the complete data analyze everything and submit analysis report consisting all the required material is available/ not available, ask for missing material before staring the work, Mention the complexity of the project if possible which should be justified in the final edited video.

  6. Video editor needs to make sure hiring company gets regular updates so that no one in the process is unaware about the day to day status of production. Everyday emails are required.

  7. Video editors level is assigned after detailed analysis and feedback reports received by all the teams involved. This includes mainly editors email updates every day, over all communication pattern and professionalism, correction round involved & final output feedback/ approval.



  1. We aim to make sure your payouts and levels don't get affected by any means hence we believe in transparency hence the selfies help us determine your reporting time.

  2. Selfie will also help us identify that you have reached at the right location to avoid any confusion later.

  3. Your selfie message received time at our end will be considered your actual reporting time and will be matched with the emails and messages you send to the project manager or hiring company to ensure every information matches.

Specifications to be followed

  1. Selfies can be sent via WhatsApp messages directly on our official WhatsApp number 8650186507 for quick documentation. However, selfies sent on emails will also be considered.

  2. Time of your selfie will be taken as your reporting time. Time will be documented as per email or WhatsApp delivery time.

  3. Make sure you apply rule of third in the selfie.

  4. Your face should have ample light that it is clearly evident and your identity is not in question.

  5. Your backdrop should have the venue with the clients or events name clearly visible. If needed two selfies can be clicked from two different aspects.

  6. Your selfie image backdrop should be visible in your work images also so it could be matched later if needed.

  7. You should use horizontal frame for selfie most of the times so maximum backdrop is visible.


Payout Terms & Conditions can change as per the latest standards and as per the research/ Analysis team. There will be no prior notification sent for the same. It is your responsibility to check the Terms & Conditions before joining/ taking any projects

  1. Full payment of members will be collected in advance by Photography Dossiers from the hiring company/ freelancer. Without 100% payment no members will be provided for any shoots.

  2. For projects/shoots more than one day qualifies for advance payment of one day to the member according to their level payouts. For projects/ shoots for one day only 50% of one day payout will be released as an advance amount to block the calendar dates of our members.

  3. Photography Dossiers will make sure payments are disbursed immediately within 72 hours after the shoot is over.

  4. For test projects the test candidates does not get paid anything by the hiring company or Photography Dossiers. However, Photography Dossiers will charge ₹500/ ₹850 in advance for test candidates from the hiring company/ freelancers.

  5. Photography Dossiers will never block any members payouts and always have intention to make sure members get help whenever needed. However, if there is any unforeseen or distressed call received from the project owner, Manager or hiring company/ freelancer in regards to any disciplinary situation or legal matters which may result in payout hold. After the complete investigation from Photography Dossiers and all the written material received, senior members/ judging authorities will take a call if the payment is to be released or not. Decisions taken by Photography Dossiers panel  and judging authorities will be final and no re-hearing will be done in these cases. Payment will be returned to the Photography company/ freelancer fully in such cases.

  6. All the payouts are decided as per the levels assigned to the members mentioned at Shoot Team Level Grading System & Video Editors Level Payout


  1. Payments made to members as an advance payment for projects can only be returned after hiring companies clearance and written approval.

  2. If a member refuses to take part in the project after a contract is signed by them they are liable to return the advance payment in full including the charges paid by the hiring company for their hiring process which shall be notified in the email/ invoice

  3. In case a member does not turn up/ attends the promised shoot days as per signed contract they may get a written notice from hiring company/ Photography Dossiers for the damages or claims raised by client/ hiring company or Photography Dossiers.

  4. In case your project contract has more than one shoot days, in this case if you miss or bunk the first shoot day or any in between shoot day, your remaining project shoot days will be automatically terminated on disciplinary ground and your backup person will take over your responsibilities. You are liable to refund all the payments for which you have not done the shoot including the documentation and other expenses done for your hiring to confirm your contract cancellation.

  5. Contract documentation fee ₹250 will be added to the contract cancellation invoice. This needs to be paid by the freelancer/company who chooses to windrow the contract. This is a compulsory payment as documentation cost needs to be taken care at all time.

  6. A QR code or UPI ID will be send with the total refund amount which needs to be paid by the member in full to make sure the contract is terminated and all the obligations are null and void.

  7. Any member who does not return the full amount that is required to be paid to close the contract will result in an open and pending contract till the time payment is made. It will be mentioned in your records permanently. You will keep getting new project dates however, it will be be shared with the hiring companies that you had missed a shoot and did not return the money.




Below incentives are for Internship, Level 1-4 Only



  1. Members are required to click exterior of the venue from best possible angle/ spot which will give a complete structural view from a distance without cutting any part of the venue.

  2. Exterior venue shot must have a clear view of complete building or structure showcasing the architectural point of view and unique features of the structure like; unique window styles, Grand doors or windows, specific wall art, Any special art work or any nearby landmark visible in your frame with the venue structure.

  3. Usage of comparison between street view and the classic premium feel of the venue in a single frame is allowed

  4. Venue wide angle exterior shot can be used for couple portraits also to qualify for this segment.

  5. Venue interior shot need to highlight the grandness of the inner structure keeping the aesthetics of the venue or decoration as part of the interior.

  6. Highlighting the specific parts of the interior of the structure to display the over all ambience and feel of the event.

  7. Group shots (head to toe) taken inside the venue displaying the grandness in the backdrop will qualify for the segment. Group shot needs to have enough breathable head space.

  8. Video clips needs to have either time lapse or slow motion gimbal shots to qualify for this segment.

  9. Video clips with blur in and out shots, keeping any object or subject in the foreground is allowed.

  10. Shots/ clips with ISO below 1600 (for crop sensor) and 2000 (for full frame) is only allowed.

  11. In case only one of the shots of venue is recorded; external or interior shots and shot gets selected for the incentive plan 50% of this segment will be paid in such cases.


  1. Members are required to identify the family members only and click the welcome candid shots. Only mid shots qualify for this segment.

  2. Maximum family members welcome/ entry shots getting selected for the client submission will qualify for the segment.

  3. Welcome shots with most clean backdrop will have higher chances of getting selected. So choose your angle/ spots carefully.

  4. Images/ clips with no meet/greet action like guests/family members walking inside the venue will not qualify for this segment.

  5. Images/ clips having faces being blocked will not qualify for the segment.


  1. Members are required to click wide angle shots only in this segment.

  2. Candid shots like couple looking at each other will fetch most of the qualifying marks in this segment.

  3. Crowd coverage is mandatory in your frames to show the complete crowd presence and grandness of the shot.

  4. Video clips recorded handheld without use of any action equipment will be disqualified.

  5. To earn money in this segment it is mandatory to have atleast 1 front shot with wide angle perspective keeping crowd reactions in place and maximum successful back shots will qualify for this segment.

  6. Video clips with ambient sounds and crowd reaction is mandatory.

  7. If you are captured in someone else incentive winning shot which gets disqualified because of you being present in their shot will automatically disqualify your entry as well.


  1. Members submitting the wide angle shots for this segment needs to have atleast f4 aperture with 1/160 shutter speed.

  2. Mid shot and tele shots can use any aperture with shutter speed above 1/160.

  3. Over exposed images/ clips will be disqualified.

  4. Ultra wide shots have better chances of winning this segment.

  5. Video clips using a tripod have better chances of getting selected.

  6. Video clips having ambient and uncut natural sound will have better chances of getting selected in this segment.

  7. For wedding anniversary Jai mala shot having children's candid expressions and parents doing the jai mala in single frame has higher chances of getting selected.


  1. Members are required to capture in a single frame, expressions of the guests watching the main couple dance/ perform in a wide angle perspective.

  2. Members are required to capture in a single frame, expressions of the main couple watching their kids/ family member perform in a wide angle perspective.

  3. Video clips should have natural audio/ ambient sound is necessary to qualify in this segment.


  1. Members are required to capture uncut and creative voices which could be used in the edited video to enhance the quality of the video and give a personal touch.

  2. Sounds captured to develop the story line or connect the shots will attract special incentives.


  1. Members are required to plan the shots and send the shot divisions to the hiring company in advance. Email dates will be treated as time stamps and planning stamps.

  2. Best shot division gets attractive incentive.

  3. Members having shots based on the planned scripts will get extra opportunities to earn more incentives.


  1. Members are required to follow the cinematic grammar for every shot they wish to enter the incentive parameters.

  2. Maximum grammar oriented shots get best incentives.

  3. Best stable shot moving towards the main subject for more than 4 seconds using 70 mm or 200 mm gets attractive incentives.


  1. Members winning atleast 4 incentive segments will qualify for this segment.

  2. Member who will follow maximum photography rules in the selected images/clips will have chances of winning the all rounder segment.

  3. Member who has appeared very less in others frames and has helped other take best shot by giving space and achieving atleast 80% in the manager feedback scores gets chances of winning this segment.

NOTE: Photography Dossiers reserves all rights to modify or terminate above mentioned term and conditions without any advance notice to our member.



  1. If editor delivers a project without any follow-up by the hiring company/ project manager and within the contracted time frame is entitled for a incentive as per the on going information sent in the email.

  2. Editors failing in time line as per the deadlines mentioned in the contract automatically eliminates this clause of the incentive plan.

  3. Editors constantly keeping the hiring company up to date for the daily updates win the special incentives after the project is officially closed.


  1. Editors editing using maximum cine grammar and techniques will qualify for the incentive plans.


  1. Editors getting internal team approvals within 2 round gets an incentive. This clause is valid for projects with hiring companies who have internal process of approvals.
  2. Editors getting internal approval in the first round of submissions get special incentives.
  3. Client approval in first round itself gets you a special incentive offer.


  1. Editors able to download the data size of 500GB to 1 TB within 24 hours gets incentive. Download confirmation with screenshot is mandatory on official email.
  2. Editors able to download the data size of less than 500 GB within 12 hours gets incentives. Download confirmation with screenshot is mandatory on official email.

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