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I understand by signing this undertaking form I agree that I will follow all the guidelines and protocols of Knot Just Frames & Vishhal AK Raina at all times for the term mentioned in this undertaking. I will be performing my duties as selected by me above and I will be referred to as per my designation selected above.


I will provide Knot Just Frames with my services in connection with the post Wedding Events Coverage of Varun & Shreya, Shoot dates 17th Dec, 2023. Shoot Locations: New Delhi.


A. Project – Process

  • I will not take any other booking for the above-mentioned date.

  • I will follow the project tracker sent in the email for all the details or changes from the client side. For TFI's details will be in email only.

  • I will make sure I reach one hour prior to the event time and report to the manager, check the lights and venue.

  • I will ready my camera and check the lighting setup and set the camera settings for video to 60 fps in advance before the shoot begins. Shutter will not be kept below 1/50 at any time. ISO will be below 2000 at all times.

  • As a photographer I will check the lighting setup and set the camera settings to shutter 160, apperture 2.8-7 & ISO always below 1600 in advance before the shoot begins.

  • I understand my responsibility is to capture group shots, Wide angle creative shots, Creative Venue shots and couple shots wherever possible with my best understanding.

  • I will make sure to get the memory card issued before starting the shoot by the project manager at the shoot location well in advance. In case I have to use my memory cards, I will hand over the data before leaving the shoot location.

  • I also understand that lighting and exposure are my responsibility. I will use KJF-provided flash/Led/Halogen Lights where ever required to get the best results possible if my personal flashlights feel not enough.

  • As a photographer, I will make sure two pictures are taken for all the group shots one head to toe and the second as a backup shot head to waist length.

  • As a videographer, I will make sure to take Pan/tilt up and down shots as basic motion shots. As a backup, I will also try to take creative motion shots wherever possible.

  • As a project manager/ Shoot Manager, I will be the coordinator and work as per instructions on the project tracker.

  • As an Intern project manager, I will be closely working with the Project Manager Online and helping as per duties assigned to me in writing.

  • As a photographer/ videographer, I will not cut any body part of the subjects in any circumstances in the frames. Until it is planned creative shot.

  • Members need to follow Team Policy as mentioned on the website. Password is 1

  • I as an intern/assistant will follow the protocols given by the project manager at all times. I understand I need to tally, and raise requests for missing items in inventory required for the shoot. Also, will tally the inventory before & after the shoot is over.

  • I will make sure as an assistant I help every team member with all the lighting requirements during the shoot. I will arrange the necessary lighting setup at least 1 hour prior to the shoot time.

  • As a photographer/ videographer I will make sure the focus point is the eyeball/face of the subject for every photo/video shoot for a single subject and in group shots the eyeball/face of the person standing in the centre will always be in focus.

  • As soon as the event gets over, I will hand over the memory card to the project manager/ shoot manager at the shoot location.

  • I agree not to sell the images/ videos at any point in time to any person, company, group, advertising agency or any other person or company. All the data/ images/ videos captured by me have to be handed over to the manager at the end of the events for backup and no copies can be made for personal use. Violating this rule will have legal consequences.

  • I agree capturing photos/ videos by personal phone during the events is strictly prohibited. Any photos/ videos clicked/ recorded by my personal mobile phone/ device during the shoot of the events, I will hand over all the data to the manager at the end of the event.

  • I will not discuss or promise to the client/ guest/ person any photos or video sharing/ delivery time. Knot Just Frames will not be responsible for any promises made by me to a client/ guest/ person and Knot Just Frames will not be responsible for the decision taken by me in a personal capacity or without official authority in writting. Any situation occurring due to any promises made by me to the client will not be responsibility of Knot Just Frames at any point of time and any settlement claims with the client will be my responsibility directly.

  • I agree not to consume alcohol at the shoot location or before reaching the shoot location. If I consume alcohol and it downgrades my performance and the output of the shoot is impacted, I will compensate for the damage claimed by Knot Just Frames.

  • In case of any medical issue(s) or mishappening or in the event of death during travel for a shoot or during the shoot, Knot Just Frames will not be liable for any claim(s) or compensation(s). I am advised to have my own medical policy which can be used in case of emergencies and manager will assist in any unforeseen circumstances or situations for admission to the hospital and making sure someone is there for at least 24 hours, till family member/ close kin/ relative/ friend arrives to take care of me.

  • I will support and respect the other team member’s space. I know I am supposed to be vigilant and not come in any other team member’s frame. If there is a shot which is important and I will have to come in the frame of the other member, I will quickly click and move back, so that the other team member's frame is disturbed in a minimal way. I will work as a team always.

  • I understand I have to deposit my mobile phones to the team manager/Assistant before the shoot starts. I will have limited access to the phone while the shoot is going on with permission from the shoot manager in writing in advance.

  • I will provide the manager's number 9810061939 to my family as an emergency contact, so I can be contacted easily without hampering the shoot when I am working.

  • I understand, as an NCR resident Knot Just Frames will not be responsible for my stay and food before or after the shoot time untill a meal time passes due the shoot commitment.

  • I understand, as a Non NCR resident Knot Just Frames will be responsible for my stay and food during the shoot dates.

  • I am aware I am not supposed to share the project details such as client details, client names, dates, timings, and venue details with any team member or any third party unless I have written approval in an email from , , to do so.

  • I agree with Photography Dossiers

Project Evaluation

Members Terms

Silver Member Terms & Conditions


B. Ownership

Pictures or videos taken by me are the property of Knot Just Frames & Vishhal AK Raina or companies owned by Vishhal AK Raina and the ownership rights remain with Knot Just Frames & Vishhal AK Raina only.


C. Breach of Agreement

If I fail to perform any of its material obligations under this Undertaking, or a representation, then it will constitute a breach of this Undertaking. Knot Just Frames & Vishhal AK Raina has the right to demand compensation from me in a breach for the loss resulting from the breach.


D. Governing Law

This Undertaking shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of India without regard to its principles of conflicts of laws. Should there be any dispute between Knot Just Frames and me in regard to or related to or arising out of this Undertaking we shall try to resolve the dispute in mutual trust and goodwill. In the event of such dispute or difference is not settled amicably by negotiation, the Jurisdiction of all the matters pertaining to this Undertaking shall be at Gurugram, Haryana.

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